A stroke can happen to anyone, anytime. It could be someone you know, someone next to you. Know the signs. Think FAST.

F – FACE – Is their face drooping on one side? Can they smile?
A – ARM – Is one arm weak? Can they raise both arms?
S – SPEECH – Is their speech jumbled or slurred? Can they speak at all?
T – TIME – Time is critical. Call 111 immediately.

A stroke is an emergency. If you see any of these signs call 111 immediately and give someone a better chance of recovery.

To see a stroke think F.A.S.T

The sooner medical treatment starts, the better the outcome. Getting help fast can reduce damage to the brain; give someone a better chance of recovery or even save their life.

A TIA or ‘mini-stroke’ is a serious warning

Transient Ischaemic Attacks or TIAs – sometimes called ‘mini-strokes’ can happen before a stroke. They will show as one or more of the signs above but might disappear within minutes or hours. They are a clear warning that a more severe stroke might follow. Early treatment can prevent a stroke from happening. If you suspect a TIA call 111 and get medical help immediately.


The FAST campaign is a joint initiative between Stroke Foundation, Ministry of Health and Health Promotion Agency.

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