Your blood pressure is the most important indicator of your risk of having a stroke.
The higher your blood pressure, the higher your risk of stroke.

What is blood pressure?

As your blood travels around your body it puts pressure on your blood vessel walls. Blood pressure measures this. While there is no ‘ideal’ blood pressure, for most people lower is better. The following levels are provided as a guide only.

Normal Less than 120/80
High normal Between 120/80 – 139/89
High blood pressure Greater than 140/90

High blood pressure and stroke

High blood pressure puts too much strain on the blood vessels in your body. Over time, this strain can damage your blood vessels, making them more likely to block or burst.

A stroke happens when a blood vessel is blocked or bursts in your brain.

Anybody, any time

Mau Moananu knew he had high blood pressure but didn’t think a stroke would strike him. He wants you to hear his story so that you can prevent the harm that stroke can cause.

Quick tips to control your blood pressure