A stroke can strike suddenly, but there may also be warning signs. And there are many things you can do to reduce your risk of stroke and even prevent a stroke from happening.

Here are the actions you can take.

1. Lower your risk of stroke

Most strokes are preventable and there are many things you can do to significantly lower your chances of having a stroke – especially lowering your blood pressure and keeping it in the normal healthy range.

How to prevent a stroke

2. Don’t ignore a warning

Transient Ischaemic Attacks or TIAs – sometimes called ‘mini-strokes’ can happen before a stroke. They will show as one or more of the three key signs of stroke but might disappear within minutes or hours. They are a clear warning that a more severe stroke might follow. Early treatment can prevent a stroke from happening. If you suspect a TIA call 111 and get medical help immediately.

Learn the signs of TIAs and stroke

3. Learn to see the signs of stroke and act FAST

A stroke is a serious medical emergency. Learn to see the signs of stroke – face drooping, arm weakness, speech difficulty – think and act FAST. Call 111 immediately. Getting help fast can reduce damage to the brain and give someone a better chance of recovery or even save their life.

Learn the signs of stroke

4. Help others get stroke wise – share what you know

The more people who know about stroke the more we can help each other and the more lives we can save – tell your friends and family about this website and help them get stroke wise too.

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